In the first-ever expansion for the 48-year-old retro fast food restaurant, Top Notch Burgers is coming to Hutto. The new second location will be in the under-development Hutto Co-Op District at 420 Highway 79, starting in 2020.

The new Top Notch will serve the same classic menu of charcoal-grilled burgers, fried chicken, and onion rings, although a press release teased new secret menu items. The new location will also include details from the original like car hop stations and classic signage.

The Hutto Co-Op District will also have a location of Elgin-based barbecue restaurant Southside Market and a location of movie theater and restaurant Flix Brewhouse. It will also house Hutto’s City Hall and library.

Top Notch is best known for its inclusion in the classic movie Dazed and Confused. Ray and Frances Stanish opened the Burnet Road restaurant in 1971. In 2010, after Ray’s death, Frances passed ownership to her brothers-in-law Kelly Chappell and Phillip Santa Cruz, who own fast-casual restaurants Zocalo Cafe and Galaxy Cafe.

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