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Top Notch Expands to Hutto

By Austin Food Magazine

Top Notch Burgers has announced their expansion to a 35-acre mixed-use destination now under construction on U.S. Highway 79 in Hutto and is expected to open its doors in early 2020.

Top Notch is well known for its award-winning, drive-in diner-style cuisine, and equally beloved for its role in the coming-of-age cult hit, “Dazed and Confused.” The new location in Hutto will represent the restaurant’s first ever expansion.The owners are focused on creating as many iconic details as possible with the new Hutto location, including greeting guests by the unmistakable classic signage and car hop stations.  The building itself will include as many of the same designs and materials as possible.

The menu will include all of the current customer favorites and as well as a few new items from its secret menu.  As Top Notch has proven over the past 48 years, it will always continue to look for ways to extend its customer reach and maintain its presence as a community gathering place.

Top Notch will join an impressive lineup of restaurants and entertainment tenants that will be established at the Co-Op District, including Southside Market, Flix Brewhouse and Hutto City Hall.

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Hutto’s Co-Op District lands Top Notch Hamburgers

By Austin Business Journal

Hutto’s Co-Op District has landed another tenant and this one comes with some history.

For its second location, Top Notch Hamburgers will open a store at the 35-acre mixed-use project in the Williamson County suburb. Founded in 1971, Top Notch has been selling burgers and fried chicken for nearly four decades from its location on Burnet Road and is regarded by many as an Austin institution.

The Co-Op District has also landed Southside Market barbecue restaurantand Flix Brewhouse movie theater as retail tenants.

Bob Wunsch of MA Partners, developer of The Co-Op District, said it took about eight or nine months to secure Top Notch’s commitment.

“One of our visions was to bring iconic Austin-area businesses to Hutto,” Wunsch said. “I think we fulfilled that promise.”

Top Notch is one of those small businesses many credit for bolstering Austin’s overall economy. The techies at Sailpoint Technologies love the brand so much, when it came time to donate food cans to the food bank as part of a contest they arranged them to look like the burger joint’s iconic sign.

Kelly Chappell, who is part of an ownership group that bought Top Notch in 2010, said they wanted to be on the “ground level” of Hutto’s growth.

“After all these years, we feel like [Hutto] has the small community feel that Austin did when I was growing up,” he said. “We feel like we picked the right project.”

Meanwhile, the 35-are Co-Op District continues to develop as one of the major projects for Hutto leaders. City staff are moving into the new City Hall building at the Co-Op on Monday. The mixed-use development is expected to have stores, offices and residential development, built a round a repurposed cotton gin on State Highway 79, about a mile west of downtown Hutto.

Wunsch said they’ve also gotten approval from the Texas Department of Transportation for work on Highway 79.

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Top Notch burger and fried chicken restaurant opening in Hutto

By Austin360

New Hutto is about to get a taste of Old Austin. Iconic burger and fried chicken restaurant Top Notch will open a location next year in the Hutto Co-Op District, a 35-acre mixed-use development that will also be home to the new Hutto City Hall.

The new location of the longtime Burnet Road burger joint memorialized in “Dazed and Confused” will join Co-Op tenants Southside Market & Barbecue of Elgin and Flix Brewhouse.

The new owners intend to transport the classic feel of the Leigh am to the new location, including aesthetic and service touches like the neon signage and car-hop stations.

Frances and Ray Stanish opened Top Notch in 1971, and Frances sold it to the team behind Galaxy Cafe in 2010.

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Iconic Austin drive-in restaurant shifts gears to open first new location in 48 years

By CultureMap Austin

It took almost 50 years, but Top Notch Burgers is finally getting a second location. The Austin institution is headed to the suburbs with an outpost in Hutto set to open in early 2020.

According to a release, the restaurant has signed on with Hutto Co-Op District, currently under construction on U.S. Highway 79. The ambitious development is a reimagined Main Street for the city, compete with a new city hall.

Founded in 1971 by Ray and Frances Stanish, Top Notch is one of the city’s most recognizable dining landmarks. The signage, car hop stations, and dining room has remained virtually untouched throughout the decades. In fact, keeping things the same was a stipulation when the Stanish family sold the spot to Phillip Santa Cruz and Kelly Chappell in 2010.

Its time capsule authenticity made it a natural choice when director Richard Linklater was scouting for locations for his 1993 cult hit Dazed and Confused. Chappell and Santa Cruz, whose families also own Zocalo and Galaxy Cafe, plan to bring the same ‘70s vibe to the new construction.

The building will be modern with more windows for natural light, but design elements and materials from the original — including the iconic sign — will be brought to Hutto. And, yes, it will still be a drive-in.

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Iconic Austin restaurant Top Notch Burgers to open its second location in Hutto

By Community Impact

MA Partners, developers of the Co-Op District in Hutto, announced Feb. 21 that Top Notch Burgers is going to open its second location in the mixed-use development. This is the first expansion for Top Notch Burgers, which has been in business since 1971.

“We know plenty of folks in Hutto who drive to Austin just to visit Top Notch, and we envision being met by friendly faces the day we open our doors,” said Kelly Chappell, owner of Top Notch Burgers.

Top Notch Burgers is known for its classic diner-style menu with drive-in style eating and car hops. The iconic Austin burger joint was also featured in the hit 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused”.

Chappell told Community Impact Newspaper that he expects Top Notch Burgers to open its Hutto location by early 2020. The restaurant’s patio will overlook the Co-Op District’s amphitheater in the development’s western section, according to Chappell.

The new Hutto location will closely resemble the iconic Top Notch Burgers on Burnet Road in Austin, complete with car hops and drive-in ordering, Chappell stated.

“I want to stay as true to the original design as possible, down to the brick and the booth and the decor inside,” Chappell said. “I really believe that we have something special and it is authentic. Why would we try to change that?”

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Boomtown: A look inside the explosive growth in Pflugerville and Hutto

By KVUE Austin

While people are still moving to Central Texas for the booming economy, they’re choosing to look outside city limits. They’re looking at areas like Pflugerville and Hutto.

“I call it an explosion and I call it growing at warp speed,” said Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales.

US Census data deemed Pflugerville the third fastest growing city in the country.

On average, 11 people moved there each day last year.

“It’s the area of Central Texas is the place to be right now, and we’re kind of in that phase where we’re accepting,” said Hutto City Council member Nathan Killough.

Hutto’s population has doubled since 2010, with about half of that growth in the past two years. Both are booming Texas towns.

“This was corn,” said Gerald Wilke, as he showed us the recently harvested fields.

Wilke has lived in Pflugerville since the 1970s. his family’s farm has been there far longer.

“With the roads and the traffic the way they are, now it’s really hard to move his equipment over here to farm this anymore,” said Wilke.

He now leases the land.

“There are 67 acres left,” said Wilke.

Piece by piece, Wilke’s family sold off part of the original 300-acre property.

“They took some acreage off the front here to build this toll 45,” said Wilke.

State Highway 45 was once Wilke Lane, a country road named after his family.

“I never did think I’d see cars going up and down that fast, it used to be tractors going back and forth,” said Wilke.

In a region where the train used to the be the only real source of transportation, SH 45 and SH 130 put the area’s development in the fast lane.

“It really opened the world up to Pflugerville,” said Amy Madison, the executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation.

They’re in charge of recruiting new businesses.

“It’s just been exponential growth,” said Madison.

Part of that has been through a boom of 3D-printing manufacturers.

“It’s a high a growth industry that requires a lot of high tech work force,” said Madison.

The type of work for employees you can find in Central Texas.

It’s just one of the industries to move into 130 Commerce Center, a business and industrial park in Pflugerville.

The PCDC bought about 170 acres back in 2007 along SH 130 to help attract businesses. They just sold the last 20 acres this summer.

But with more than 2,000 undeveloped acres along SH 130, Madison said the growth is far from over.

“We have a lot of property and land along 130 that’s available we have a number of projects that are looking at us,” said Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales.

Madison said developers are now calling them.

“Pflugerville was just known as a bedroom community, but now we’re starting to get industry into town,” said Wilke.

It’s the same story in Hutto where developers are building the new Innovation Business Park.

“Since we started breaking ground and showing that Hutto was open for business, and that we wanted businesses coming, the doors have just been knocked down, people are coming left and right,” said Killough.

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Hutto ISD receives highest classification in state financial accountability rating

By Community Impact

Amid a 5-year enrollment growth of more than 20 percent, Hutto ISD scored among the top of all school districts in Texas in the state’s Financial Integrity Rating System, the district announced Thursday night.

Hutto ISD received a “superior” rating in the financial accountability test, scoring 96 points out of a possible 100.

The Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, or FIRST, scores school districts across 15 separate indicators of fiscal accountability.

Those indicators identify a district’s financial stability in terms of debt, cash-on-hand, administrative costs, payment compliances, assets, enrollment and analysis from an independent auditor.

“Hutto ISD received the highest possible rating,” Jeffri Orosco, director of finance for Hutto ISD, said Thursday night.

The school district received two scores of 8 out of 10 on just two indicators, the only ratings on which the district was docked points.

Those two indicators rated whether the number of days of cash on hand and current investments for the school are sufficient to cover operating expenditures and whether the ratio of current assets to liabilities are healthy enough to cover short-term debt.

According to financial documents provided to the state, Hutto ISD has $12.7 million in cash-on-hand and equivalents, with $59.97 million in total expenditures. Further, Hutto ISD currently holds $34.99 million in assets and $11.8 million in liabilities.

“There’s a lot of indicators here that take into effect our growth,” said Glenn Graham, chief financial officer for Hutto ISD. “The state understands when you take on a lot of growth, you take on a lot of debt.”

Orosco told the Board of Trustees tonight that the school district has experienced a growth of 20.52 percent growth in students in the past five years.

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BREAKING: California manufacturer lands in Hutto

By Community Impact

The city of Hutto Thursday night announced another California-based manufacturer is relocating to Texas.

Officials from AEND Industries Inc., a high-end performance polyurethane wheel manufacturing company, revealed Thursday that the company is relocating its headquarters and operations to Hutto. The company will open its doors Jan. 1, according to owner Neal Piper.

“We’re excited to come to Texas,” Piper said at Thursday night’s Hutto City Council meeting. “It is business friendly here and we’re ready for that.”

AEND Industries is building a new 19,200 square foot manufacturing facility at North Town Commons Business Park, located at the southeast corner of FM 1660 North and Limmer Loop. The company will open its doors Jan. 1, according to owner Neal Piper.

The manufacturer, which is relocating from Huntington Beach, California, produces specialty wheels for skateboards, inline skates, wheelchair wheels, derby wheels and more.

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Hutto to get a Flix Brewhouse, a movie theater that brews its own beer

By Austin Business Journal

Hutto’s mixed-use Co-Op District will be anchored by a Flix Brewhouse LLC movie theater after city officials inked an incentive agreement Thursday night.

Officials said the addition to the Co-Op District, a 35-acre project under development by MA Partners on U.S. Route 79 that could essentially create an urban downtown, would help the suburb provide more amenities to keep its residents from taking their dollars to Hutto’s larger neighbors in Williamson County.

“We’ve been working for a long time to kick the Co-Op off,” City Manager Odis Jones said. “An important part of that is finding an anchor tenant.”

“[And] we’ve talked for a while about wanting to have a movie theater here in town,” he added. “Today we will have one.”

Barbecue eatery Southside Market was announced as the Co-Op District’s first tenant earlier this month.

The city will reimburse Round Rock-based Flix Brewhouse 75 percent of city sales tax for 10 years, according to city documents, up to $1.28 million.

Hutto Economic Development Corp. Chairman Bill Gravell called the addition of the 39,000-square-foot theater “the most important economic development opportunity that this community has seen in many, many years.”

“[Flix Brewhouse] is a Williamson County-based company that’s gone across the nation, but yet they have come back here to plant one of their flagship opportunities,” Gravell said.

Flix Brewhouse, which combines movies with beer it brews on site, has five locations nationwide with more on the way; It recently raised $13 million for those expansion efforts…


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Flix Brewhouse, Flix Brewhouse in Hutto, Flix Brewhouse Hutto Co-Op District, Flix Brewhouse in The Co-Op District

Entertainment anchor for the Co-Op District announced Thursday night in Hutto

By Community Impact

Flix Brewhouse was announced as the Co-Op District’s entertainment complex at Thursday night’s Hutto City Council meeting.

Hutto Economic Development Corporation Chair Bill Gravell and Flix Brewhouse Senior Vice President Real Estate and Brand Development Matt Silvers made the announcement with a presentation for council members and the general public.

The movie theater chain offers craft beer brewed in-house as well as dining options for moviegoers. Silvers floated the possibility of brewing a “Hippo Hefeweizen” at the Hutto movie theater during his presentation.

“Flix isn’t just about beer, movies and food,” Silver said. “We have a whole bunch of alternative programming offered up.”

Silvers did not specify how many theaters and seats the Hutto Flix Brewhouse location will offer, but estimated that 6,000 to 7,000 customers will visit the site every week.

Per Gravell, Hutto’s Flix Brewhouse will be 39,000 square feet and will employ anywhere from 150 to 200 people. Part of the economic development agreement, according to the Hutto EDC chairman, mandates the movie theater hire a certain percentage of Hutto ISD and local college students.

“Every high school kid that lives in Hutto, Texas, will no longer have to go to Round Rock or Taylor for a job… they will be able to do that right here in Hutto,” Gravell said Thursday night.

This is the second tenant announced for the upcoming Co-Op District, a $210 million mixed-use development on the north side of Hwy. 79, just west of downtown Hutto.

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Southside Market and Barbeque is coming to Hutto

By Austin American Statesman

Southside Market and Barbeque is coming to Hutto.

The restaurant is the first commercial tenant at the new Co-Op District in Hutto now under construction, according to the district’s developer, MA Partners.

The district is a 35-acre business, retail, entertainment and residential destination being developed on U.S. 79 in Hutto at the historic Gin property, according to a news release issued by the city.

The barbecue restaurant first opened in Elgin in 1882, where it is still operating. A second location opened in Bastrop in 2014.

“As Texans, we’ve had the personal privilege of enjoying Southside Market’s barbeque for decades and we could not imagine a better match for a project with the vision and scale of the Co-Op District,” said developer Bob Wunsch of MA Partners in the release.

One of the owners of Southside Market and Barbeque, Bryan Bracewell, said coming to the Co-Op District “is such a natural fit for us because Hutto is very similar to the two other towns we call home in that it’s a great place filled with salt-of-the-earth folks who have the same values we have,” according to the release.

A ground breaking for the Co-Op District, which includes four grain silos that have been preserved, took place in November.

A new City Hall — planned to be the anchor tenant of the Co-Op District — is anticipated to open within a year.

Information was not immediately available Monday about the projected opening date for Southside Market and Barbeque.

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