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April 3, 2024

Hutto City Hall Marks Five Year Anniversary

By Taylor Press

The linchpin of The Co-op District, Hutto’s 35,000 square foot City Hall celebrated the five-year anniversary of its opening Monday.

“I remember going to City Council meetings at the old building and we would have to stop council meetings when a train would come through because you couldn’t hear a thing. We don’t have that problem here,” said Mayor Pro Tem Peter Gordon. “This is the citizen’s building. We’re here to help take care of it and make sure we do the right things.”

The building’s 2019 grand opening was meant to kick off growth of The Co-op District, a 35-acre walkable development that expands the city’s downtown area.

Development was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain and worker shortages that followed, but today heavy machinery and construction crews are hard at work. A six-story parking garage is currently being constructed to support Jack Allen’s Kitchen, which is expected to open late this year, joining a number of eateries, retail and service businesses that are already open.

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